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Welcome vendors, If you are new to Woodlake Maker’s Markets or an old pro, here is the information you need to know: .

It is still a first come first serve space system. Markets are only on Tuesdays from 10am to 2pm except our 3 specialty markets.

The address is 5000 Woodlake Village Parkway, Midlothian, VA 23112. When you get to this location, park your vehicle horizontally in 2 marked car spaces, and set up your display in front of it. Do not leave space in between vendors so we have enough room for all the vendors. You can start setting up no earlier than 9:00 am. You must bring anything you need to set up your booth. (i.e.-tent, table, easels, signs, tablecloths, lights, etc.).


1. If you cannot make a market you signed up for, you must email or call Jenny DeLorenzo 24 hours in advance unless it is a true emergency. (jennyd@woodlakeva.org or cell at 540-521-1514. Text is fine too.)

2. If you are signed up for the market you MUST stay for the entire time of the market, unless it is an emergency. Please let Jenny know if you had to leave due to an emergency. Jenny ‘s phone number is 540-521-1514 (text is fine) and her email is jennyd@woodlakeva.org. Call Jenny at all times about problems or suggestions for the markets. If Jenny cannot be reached, please call the office and ask for Natalie Schoof at 804-739-4344 EXT. 4116.

3. Woodlake has Wifi at the building above the parking lot where we will be having the markets. Sometimes the signal is good and other times it is not. Woodlake is not responsible for your ability to connect to Wifi but does offer the option to use our Wifi. If Wifi is not working or not working well, make sure you have a backup.

4. As a vendor, you are here to promote and sell your products or services. Woodlake is just the space that you are using for FREE for all but 3 markets. Woodlake will make new signage each year as needed for all of our entrances into our community. Also, WCA will send out an email to all homes in Woodlake the day before each market reminding them about the Market. As well as place a reminder on Facebook the morning of markets detailing who will be there with a description of what they are selling. It is up to each vendor to spread the word and do any other advertising. Remember this is your business and Woodlake is helping you with providing free space (except the Three Evening Markets), and making banners and signs and notifying all Woodlake residents. So, invite anyone and everyone to come to the markets! Advertise on your own Facebook page or business page, tell others, invite people from church, etc. This will not only help your sales but possibly other vendor sales as well. Let’s have a GREAT selling season!

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PLEASE NOTE: Woodlake reserves the right to close markets due to weather or other unforeseeable circumstances. All venders for the market will be notified ASAP if the market is closing.

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Your insurance must show coverage for $250,000-$1 million dollars AND have proof of workers compensation. If you are a company with 3 or less employees, you do not need workers compensation.

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