Woodlake Community Association

Real Estate Resources

Welcome to Woodlake!

We are so glad you’re here. Please take a moment to look around at the website; we have so many amenities and upcoming events for you to enjoy! If you didn’t receive your Resale Certificate while in the process of purchasing, contact the WCA.

Guide to Buying in Woodlake

Here are some steps to remember when buying a home:

Set-Up WCA Assessment Billing
WCA bills assessments on a quarterly basis and offers residents the option of automatic billing via credit card. Billing takes place on the first business day of January, April, July, and October.

Review WCA Resale Certificate
State Law requires that the seller provide you with a WCA Resale Certificate a minimum of three days prior to closing. The Resale Certificate provides you with important information on the Association as well as any current covenant/ARB violations and outstanding assessment fees that may be due. Please note that the Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act specifies that upon closing, any listed violations and past due assessment (or other) fees become the responsibility of the buyer. We encourage all potential buyers and new residents to review the contents of the package carefully, and contact Brian Hoyle, Director of Property Management, if you have any questions!

Order Name Plate or Mailbox from the WCA
We encourage all of our new residents to update the mailbox nameplate, whether you are buying or renting!

Inform the WCA Of New Telephone Number and E-mail
Please provide us with your new phone number and e-mail address so that we can reach you if necessary! WCA periodically sends out e-mail blasts with relevant community information, meeting alerts, etc. We do not give your e-mail address to other businesses. Please note that a representative of the Woodlake Swim and Racquet Club will touch base with you via e-mail and phone in order to provide information on membership and set up a tour and orientation to the Club.

Guide to Selling in Woodlake

Here are some important things to remember when selling your home:

Order WCA Resale Certificate
State law requires you to provide a WCA Resale Certificate for a potential buyer who has signed a contract. Buyers must receive the package at least 3 days prior to closing. The WCA has two weeks to put together the Resale Certificate, so it is recommended that you order the packet immediately after the contract has been signed. Print and fill out a Resale Certificate Request Form. See below for additional information regarding disclosure packages

Provide WCA With Settlement Statement
For the WCA to begin billing the new owner of the property you are selling, you will need to show that there’s been a legal transfer of property by providing the WCA with a copy of your Settlement Statement (HUD).

WCA Signage Policies
Please make sure that you, your realtor(s), or other representative(s) are aware of and abide by the WCA rules regarding signs. View the Woodlake Community Association Signage Policies below under “Important Documents.”